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Apply for Federal EIN

After you received approval from the GA Secretary of State (you must wait for approval first), go to

When the page opens:

  • Click OK
  • Click Begin Application
  • Select the type of entity you are forming.  They all require different types of information.
  • If you are filing for an LLC and have more than one person involved, the application will switch you to a partnership and you will need the social security numbers and addresses of all of your partners.
  • If you are filing for a Corporation, you will not need any social security numbers.
  • At the end of the application, make sure you select the option to download the EIN.  Make sure you save the EIN document before closing the webpage.  If you do not save it, you will have to call in and have them mail the document to you.  After you save the document, it is also a good idea to open it up in the file location to ensure it saved properly before you close the web page.


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