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Payroll Setup

If you plan to have payroll, there are a few items you will need to complete.  The payroll processor will typically be able to begin payroll with just the Department of Revenue number.  They can add the Department of Labor number later when you receive it.

You will need your Federal EIN before you can apply for either of these.

Georgia Department of Labor

This form needs to be completed and mailed into the DOL at the address on the top of the page.  It cannot be completed online yet.  This form is needed to obtain the unemployment number.

Make sure you fill in the boxes for all items.  For example, if you check yes on a section, but do not answer the follow up question, they will return the form to you.

There are several sections that do not need to be completed unless they pertain to your entity so make sure you read each section carefully.

The form can be downloaded here:

Georgia Department of Revenue

This process can be completed online and is needed for your withholding tax number.

To begin the process, go to

Follow each step in the process.  

Please note that one of the steps requires for you to click a link within the step and enter the officer information.  You can enter all of the officers or just one, but you will need the social security number for each one you enter.

After the process is complete, it will ask you to create a log in.  

After the log in is created, the web site will provide a confirmation number.

They will send you the number by email within a few minutes and by mail within a few days.

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