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Filing with the Georgia Secretary of State

To file your corporation with the GA Secretary of State, go to

Scroll down and click on File Online.

To create an account, click on Register for a cGov360 account.

After you log on, click on Business Filing Search.  

  • Enter the name of your corporation.  We recommend entering just one key word.
  • Next to Search Type, click Contains.
  • Click Search.
  • Look for other entities with the name you would like to have.
  • If a name that is almost exactly the same appears, you will need to change the name of the registered entity.
  • Complete the same process until you determine the name you can use.

Click on the Business Filings tab and select the type of entity you are forming under the Domestic heading. 

Following this procedure:

  • Click Next
  • Enter the Name Reservation Number if you obtained one (most people do not).  If you did not obtain one, click Next.
  • On the Filer screen, Select Individual if you are filing (most common), or if an organization is filing.  The filer is typically an officer of the company.  Enter the mailing address and email address and click Add Filer if you want to add more filers or click Next if you are ready to move on.
  • On the Index screen, Type in the name of the Corporation and the date you want it to be effective.  Type in the address for the Principal Office (where you want them to send you mail). Select the Registered Agent.  This is whoever if completing the application.  If it is your accountant, they will put their information here.  We recommend an Individual being selected.  If you are forming a Corporation, you will need to enter the Share Information here.  We recommend using 100 here.  It is really up to you.  It does not have legal bearings on the company formation, but is used to divide up ownership.  Click Next.
  • On the Incorporator screen, select Individual unless your business is owned by another business.  Enter the name and address of an officer.
  • On the Signature Block page, select Individual unless your business is owned by another business.  Enter the name and address of an officer.  If you are forming a corporation, the capacity MUST be a officer, incorporator or attorney-in-fact.  If you are forming an LLC, the capacity MUST be a member/manager, organizer, attorney-in-fact, or attorney.  Otherwise it will not be approved.
  • On the Expedite screen, you can select to expedite your order by paying an additional fee, or just click next for the normal timeframe (15-30 days).
  • Review all of the information you provided and submit the order when you are ready.


If you receive a rejection letter

The SOS will email you if there are any problems with the application.  If you receive a rejection letter, log back in, find your application under the Services Management tab, click edit and make the changes.  After the changes have been made, email the employee whose name and email address are on the rejection letter and let them know the changes have been made.



The SOS does not always email you when they have approved your application.  We recommend checking back by logging into the web site every 7 days and clicking on the Approved Services tab.  When you see your filing in this tab, you can click on the green arrow on the left side of the filing and download your Certificate of Incorporation, your Articles of Incorporation, and your filing receipt.



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